Where Luxury Meets Nature

Divina Natalia was founded by Natalie Jamil, a freelance professional makeup artist and beauty care enthusiast. While working in Los Angeles on photo shoots for a swimwear line, she would apply a preservative-based skin care product on her models. As a result of an allergic reaction to the preservatives, and determined to continue working on the project, she sourced, blended and perfected several natural-based botanical oils to use on the models as an alternative. She was pleasantly surprised by how effective these natural oils were on her models - and they looked just as stunning. However, there was something missing; she wanted to achieve a more glamorous look for them. Through further research, she discovered the benefits of Gold. Combining the selected oils with an infusion of Gold had enhanced the visual effects on her models. The results were astounding. With the addition of Gold, her models felt a sense of empowerment; their skin was silky smooth with a healthy radiant glow that lasted for hours. Our Luxurious Body Oil Infused with 24k Gold was born.

At Divina Natalia, we are passionate to now share our highest quality oil blend products with you.